Special Education Department


Promote Self-Sufficiency


It is our mission to prepare each student to be a contributing member of society and to participate successfully in our local and global communities by individualizing the instructions and supports of students with special needs based on specific identified needs in order for them to achieve at their highest level. We direct students to achieve academic skills, while at the same time, facilitate their social and emotional development, with a goal of becoming self-advocating lifelong learners.

We believe...

* that all parents will be encouraged to be active in the school community
* that all special education students can reach their highest standard of achievement
* that students with special needs will become contributing members of our community
* that special education programs will use current researched-based practices
* ongoing staff development will focus on the refinement of instructional practices that
   reflect the unique needs of our students
* that all activities used support the students academically, socially, and behaviorally will
   be meaningful, authentic, and engaging for our students