Vision Mission and Beliefs


Empower All Learners


Aldine Senior High School exists to produce students who will become:

adaptive learners

positive community members; and

responsible citizens.


The educational beliefs of Aldine Senior High School are to create a set of criteria that address content, teaching, and assessment. We believe the following:
Every student has the ability to learn.
Students will take ownership of their learning process.
Highly effective teachers are essential for student success.
Teaching has not occurred until the student has learned.
Classroom instruction will be aligned with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge
and Skills) as well as district and campus expectations.
The collective analysis, and sharing of assessment data will be used to guide
A variety of research-based strategies and methods will be used by teachers to
achieve instructional goals.
Parents/guardians and the community must actively and authentically
participate in the development of all students.

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