About Us


Mission Statement

The mission of the AHS Student Athletic Trainer Program is to provide medical coverage to each athletic team, as well as assist the Athletic Training Staff. This program is geared to prepare young adults for either the working world upon graduation or college. Here discipline, regulations, and diligence will be promoted while responsibility and accountability are enforced. This program is meant to prepare students for the future and help them grow as professionals as well as individuals.

Goals and Objectives of Student Athletic Trainer Program

1. To assist the Athletic Training Staff with medical coverage needs of AISD Athletic Programs.

2. To produce young adults that excel in both the classroom and in their extra-curricular activities.

3. To promote and take pride in AHS and their work.

4. To provide and experience multiple/various sports medicine occurrences and learn from each individually, academically and professionally.

5. To develop skills that will translate after graduating high school into the working world or college.

6. To reward those that exceed expectations and effectively display responsibility in both work and academic habits.

Joining The Program

Students that wish to join the AHS Sports Medicine Program must complete a “try out” period. This try out period is during spring football. This is the one and only time that someone can attempt to try out for the program. A student cannot join the program without the class that is verified with Ms.Cerda and Mr.Olivo. Please email Ms.Cerda or Mr.Olivo with any questions.