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Mustang Soccer

Melbin Barahona
Head Boys Soccer Coach
[email protected]
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Provides quality player development through exceptional coaches, facilities, and volunteers;

Promotes a love of soccer in our community and a healthy lifestyle; and

Inspires pride and the highest level of sportsmanship in our players, coaches and parents.



By promoting player development and sportsmanship in an enjoyable environment, Aldine High School Soccer encourages a healthy lifestyle and love of soccer in players of all skill levels and backgrounds from throughout the Aldine district area.



To provide quality coaching that engages, challenges and inspires young athletes, regardless of previous experience, to reach their highest level in the sport of soccer;

To fulfill civic responsibility by actively participating in community partnerships and activities;

To provide a pathway open to all young soccer players who wish to participate, allowing them to reach their full potential through identification, education, and competition;

To provide an environment where young soccer players build character through the development of important life skills such as time management, responsibility, resilience, sportsmanship, work ethic and teamwork;

To create a safe environment that contributes to the development of mentally and physically healthy individuals that have self-confidence and respect for themselves and for others,

To create an environment that facilitates the growth of the sport of soccer and fosters a love of the game