Lady Mustang Basketball Program 2015

The 2015 Lady Mustang Basketball Program
Posted on 11/19/2015
Lady Mustangs at Practice

Entering our second season for Aldine Basketball has shown much growth in many areas.  Over the summer, most of the girls played in AAU (club) basketball which helped develop these young athletes' fundamental skills and better their basketball IQ.  Skill wise, it helped in the following areas:

  • Footwork
  • Shooting
  • Ball Handling, Triple Threat
  • Passing, Court vision and Awareness
  • Offensive and Defensive Rebounding
  • Movement without the ball, Spacing
  • Setting and Using Screens
  • Lay-Ups and Floaters
  • Pick & Roll, Drive & Kick, 1 on 1 situations, Offensive Strategies
  • Close- Outs, Avoiding Screens, Help-Side, Defensive Strategies
  • Conditioning
  • Performance Training (Speed, Strength, Agility, and Quickness)

Players that have shined since the summer include Senior Point Guard, Linda Pham.  She has developed into a leadership role where many young athletes follow her willingly.  Her dynamic and demanding vision of winning at all cost has rubbed off the girls and in turn has made the entire program better then it is has been in the past.  Not only has her leadership qualities improved, but her basketball skill set as well.  As she plays her final year at Aldine Senior High School, she hopes to receive an athletic scholarship to play at the collegiate level.  With her relentless determination, it is very plausible.  

As the season progresses, Aldine Girls Basketball will continue to grow on and off the court. Our program is built on honesty, responsibility and teamwork.  We will continue to engage their mind, elevate their spirit and make them be the best hard-working competitors in the area.