English Language Arts Department

Ms. Ron
English 1
Ms. Neumann
Ms. Vargas
English 2
Mr. J. Leatherman
Ms. Kozich 
Ms. Neumann
Ms. Osborne
Ms. Wright
Ms. Vargas
Mr. Yancy- Pre-AP 
English 3
Ms. Alexander
Dr. Anomneze
Mr. J. Gonzalez
Ms. Johns-AP; Pre-AP
Mr. L. Leatherman
Ms. Muzikowski
English 4
Ms. Baker-AP
Ms. Cook
Ms. Johnson
Mr. Prontka-DC
Mr. Stowers
Department Chair
Ms. Serrano

Instructional Coach
Ms. Picazo
Assistant Principals
Mrs. Davis- English 1/2
Mrs. Vaughan-English 3/4


Prepare every learner for 21st century literacy



The English Department exists to produce adaptive learners who are

  • Lifelong readers.
  • Effective writers.
  • Critical listeners.
  • Articulate speakers.



The English Department believes in a foundation of best practices that addresses content, teaching, and assessment. We believe

  • Every student can be a literate adult.
  • Students will take ownership of developing their literacy skills.
  • Highly effective modeling is essential for student success.
  • The collection, analysis, and sharing of relevant data will be used to guide instruction.
  • Classroom instruction will be aligned with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) as well as district and campus expectations.
  • A variety of research-based strategies and methods will be used by teachers to achieve instructional goals.
  • Parents/guardians and the community must actively and authentically participate in the development of all students' literacy.
  • Teaching has not occurred until the student has demonstrated progression of literacy.