Foreign Language Department


Empower all students to become life-long learners


Aldine Senior High School and the Foreign Language Department exist to produce students who will:

  • communicate effectively in the target language;
  • understand and celebrate cultural differences: and 
  • become "global" citizens of the world...empathetic to all. 


The educational beliefs of the Foreign Language Department of Aldine Senior High School support and heighten the criterions of Aldine Senior High School. We believe that following:

  • Every student is capable of learning a foreign language.
  • A foreign language not only is a means of communication but also is representative of diverse cultures and therefore broadens horizons for the students.
  • Mastering a foreign language requires a daily commitment to academic excellence which creates a culture of life-long learning.
  • Classroom instruction will expose learners to the "roots" of diverse heritages opening "doors to the world".
  • The discipline of learning a language involves daily strategies which will enable the learner to more easily master disciplines beyond the high school experience to achieve success in later life.
  • Highly effective teachers are essential for student success.
  • Heightening a student's awareness of the importance of cultural difference in the world prepares him/her to be a more successful world citizen.