Re-Building Cosmetology 1 Student at a Time

Re-Building Cosmetology 1 Student at a Time
Posted on 06/08/2016
Cosmo Collage

“Re-Building Cosmetology 1 Student at a Time”

Wow, what a year this has been for the Cosmetology Program!

We have cried, laughed and had doubts about the program throughout this journey, but we never gave up. We’ve supported, encouraged and we’re continually pushing each other toward that finish line called “Licensed Cosmetologist”. We’ve had tons of support throughout the year from the staff, students and our community; nearly 60 participates showed up for our 1st Annual Princess Spa Day making it a huge success. Vanessa Torres won 2nd place in the District Nail Art and Jalexus Sims won 3rd place in the 3-D Nail Art competition. I would like to thanks all the staff that so willingly allowed my students to practice all that was taught in order to make them successful in the program. Currently we have 4 fully Licensed Cosmetologist; Vanessa Torres, Jazmin Romo, Jennifer Hernandez and Giselle Benitez, but by July 1st all 19 of my seniors will be licensed! I’m so proud of them and all the hard work they’ve put into completing needed hours, community service and client services during the week. My students have taught me so much, such as how I could love all of them as if they are my very own children no matter how different they are. I told my students at the beginning of the year “You’re the ones that will change the fate of this program here AHS” and by God they did and for that I’m proud of the strength they’ve shown.

Special Thanks to the Cosmo Parent of the Year- Ms. R. Guzman (Abby’s Mom) Thanks for being who you are! Now let’s change the world, one Cosmetologist at a time!

Whoo, Whoo, Whoo, Whoo!

-Mrs. Dougar-