Welcome Back Aldine Senior High School Team!

Welcome Back Aldine Senior High School Team!
Posted on 08/08/2018
Welcome Back

Aldine Senior Prepares for Greatness

“Tap into your core."
That is the message Aldine Senior High School principal Walter Stewart imparted to returning faculty and staff members on their return from summer break.

One’s teaching, said Mr. Stewart, should be based on a core ideology that consists of two parts: core values and core purpose.

“Your core values,” Mr. Stewart explained, are “what guides you every day.” Your core values are your “reason for being.”

“How do you want to be known?” Mr. Stewart asked. “How do you want to be remembered?”
“Why do you exist?”

On Monday, August 6, Aldine employees searched for their core ideologies with reflective activities, critical discussions and data analysis.

During the morning session, employees were introduced to campus administrators. This was followed by a focus on finding one’s core belief, allowing it to align with the instructional goals of the district and the school: to lead greatness.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Todd Davis visited the campus and gave employees a motivational push to achieve this greatness.

“Are you ready?” Dr. Davis asked.

“Yes!” the faculty and staff shouted back, excitedly waving their “As We Lead Greatness” fans in the air.

After an extended lunch, the afternoon session was spent reviewing campus data, updated standards of excellence and ethical guidelines. Attention was also given to the district, campus and department mission, vision and core beliefs, all carefully designed to empower all learners.

“All learners,” Mr. Stewart emphasized. “That includes the principal, assistant principals, counselors, classroom teachers, custodians. We are ALL learners.”

“That’s our core. That’s why we exist.”

Aldine employees will attend staff development sessions from August 6 until August 17. School will start for students on Monday, August 20.