Dress Code

Aldine I.S.D. Dress Code: Quick Reference

Clear or mesh backpacks only

Body Piercing: The only visible body piercings allowed are earrings for girls.

Hair: distinctive hair styles or unnatural hair colors, Mohawks/spikes, symbols or designs shaved into the hair are prohibited. No HEADWEAR may be worn at any time. Hair length may not extend below the bottom of a regular shirt collar. No beads of any kind may be worn. Wigs are permissible. Facial hair must be clean-shaven at all times.

Shirts: ALL students must wear a collared shirt, Polo or oxford (dress shirt) style. Button-ups must be buttoned. Jackets and sweaters are not considered shirts. Shirts can be any color, solid, plaid, or stripe. No tube tops, shoulder straps, oversized shirts, muscle shirts, and net shirts. All tops must be long enough to cover the midriff completely under normal circumstances.

Pants/Shorts: Lycra spandex shorts of any length, tight shorts of any material, and boxer shorts are not permitted under any circumstance. Pants and shorts must be worn securely at the proper height; around the waist. Exposure of undergarments is unacceptable. No oversized apparel is permitted. Cut, torn, or ripped clothing is prohibited. Frayed clothing cannot reveal any skin or undergarments. Leggings/tights may not substitute for pants. Leggings may not be worn with skirts/shorts that do not adhere to the dress code.

Skirts and Dresses: girls will be allowed to wear skirts and dresses however the length must approach the knee, and allow one to walk, stoop, kneel and sit with modesty. Skirts must be worn with collared shirt.

Shoes: Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip flops; slides, stiletto heels, house slippers and shoes with cleats and/or skate shoes are prohibited.

Student ID badges are required at the high school and middle school level; grades 7 -12. A$1.00 fee will be assessed for a temporary ID. A $5.00 replacement fee will be assessed for lost ID badges.

Principal discretion will be used in addressing any dress code issues which may adversely affect the educational atmosphere of the school.